Thursday, August 14, 2014

Share. Love.

As you might already know/have experienced when you reach your mid 20s,life is gets intenser (?). Or so you feel. Friends move places, get jobs in different parts of the world (Why God, WHY?), you're involved in a pretty serious relationship, meeting your boyfriend's/girlfriend's parents (Jesus!), more and more people you know seem to be getting married, cousins have babies, you're an uncle/aunt to nephews/nieces, and so on.. Basically, you suddenly realize you've GROWN UP (maybe not mentally). And so have your friends/family.
More responsibilities. 

Anyway, the point was not to freak you out, but just my way of telling you that my cousin is getting married and I am pretty excited. I have been loaded with many "responsibilities", one of them being designing a 'Save the date' for the couple. While I was at it, I found this pretty cool site for Beautiful Fonts. The layout of the website, the description and classification of the type of fonts you're looking for is quite impressive. Good stuff!
Well done, Adobe. I'm eternally thankful to you for the
Adobe Creative Suite. *BIG HUG*

Talking about the Suite, the following wouldn't exist if it weren't for you, Adobe.

By me

So, that's just a teaser of course, the one we'll send out will not be blurred. Once again, thank you, Adobe.
You have my whole heart, for my whole life. Just keep getting awesomer. :D

Anyway, it makes me really happy when I find something inspiring while just randomly searching for something online. And while most of us want to keep the good stuff to ourselves, ME, being the very kind person I am (OK, sometimes I really am) would like to share it with you nice people out there.
Also, in return I'd like you to do the same too! It's a cycle really. You inspire me, I inspire you.
Welcome to an awesome world!

Be sharing, be inspiring, be loving. 

P.S. If quarter-life crisis give you a hard time, just listen to Queen B. *slow claps to that*

Love, S.