Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Don't Follow Your Passion

PASSION! We have been creating such a big hype around it. Follow your passion and success will follow, etc. Yesterday, I came across this video while actually looking for something else (and I'd like to believe this was an example of what she's talking about). It was such an eye-opener. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about passion (like many other motivational speakers) but this time it's a different point of view. She talks about how we need to stop making a HUGE F*CKING deal about following our "PASSION". She talks about how people who haven't found the P word (who are already halfway through life) are beating themselves over not having found it, getting severely affected by anxiety that's caused by the lack of the P word in their life. So, instead she asks us to not be intimidated by this P word and rather just keep following our CURIOSITY (or gut, intuition, etc.). and passion will follow.. Just do what your heart or curiosity makes you do or go where it takes you and you'll find what you're supposed to find.. And I like this new way of looking at life and the purpose of being where we are. I hope you watch the video or just listen to it in the background like a podcast while working. And I hope you share it with people who you think need to know that it's ok to have not figured what they want or what their "true purpose" is, and also share it with those who have found their passion and are making a big deal about it. Aka, just share it with all mankind.