Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Say You will !

For You,

It’s TIME:

1.      Set your Priorities straight and follow it religiously.
2.      Let go of the Uncertainties.
3.      STOP! Yes, stop “over”- analyzing not-so-important issues/situations.
4.      STOP letting those silly doubts gnaw at you.
5.      Don’t fret over the hurtful incidents rather look at what those incidents taught you instead. Yes?
6.       Voice “your” opinion.
7.      Hold your spine, erect! Boost that Self- Confidence.
8.      Believe in Yourself.
9.      Smile at me with utmost Admiration in your eyes (like you did earlier) =)
10.   Convert the Broken smile to the crescent –moon one! :D "eeee !"
11.   Spend quality, “paisa-vasool” (aka valuable) time with ME, alone - No disturbances, no interruptions a.k.a. throw your phone in the bin when with ME!
12.   Show me the CrAzY mOvEs- once again! 
13.   Let the child in you take control, once a week, at least.
14.   Take a good look at yourself, followed by some Pampering! (conditions apply)
15.   Remove those boring glasses, replace them with hot sun-glasses- a.k.a. have a good time out in the sun (wear your sunscreen without fail! ) :P
16.   Keep trying things you haven’t before. ENJOY it. LOVE it.
17.   Organize your thoughts as often as you can.
18.   Stop seeking LOVE and HAPPINESS. It’s like a Butterfly, more you chase it, more it eludes You. Look away and it’ll come and gently sit on your shoulder!
19.   Make peace with your conscience.
20.   Reunite with your BFFs! (referring to the half-read books on your book shelf)
21.   QUIT the bad-bad habits!
22.   Don’t be cruel to your Lungs, liver, etc. ( as a result of the previous statement)
23.   Don’t think being “emotionless” will prevent the shell covering your heart, from CRACKING! No, it doesn’t work that way!
24.   Conserve the saline water in your body. (referring to all the tear-shedding for small- small things)
25.   Take good care of yourself, first, then your loved ones. (by that I don’t mean – be SELFISH)
26.   Stop depending on others.
27.   Believe, you can only depend on yourself for YOUR happiness.
29.   Believe, you are the Master of your destiny.
30.  Oh yes, cut down the obsession with the snooze button on your alarm.
31.  Lay your eyes off the Blinking (Not)- red light ! (No good!)
32.  Renew your playlist once in a while.
33.  Learn to accept CHANGE, DEFEAT. You cannot WIN every time now, can you?!(doesn’t mean   you get used to NOT winning, try harder next time)
34.  Explore your creativity spectrum.
35.  Believe in your DREAMS. INCEPT new ones.
36.  Be the change you want to see in others and DON’T let DIFFICULT situations change YOU(your  beliefs).
37.  Get back to improving your not-so-good Geographical Knowledge (GK  too/2 ).Please do!
38.  In your spare time, if you’re bored of observing people, try philosophizing LIFE.
       39.  Come to me, look me in the eye and say- “I love you!”
 40.  Going for long drives alone is fine, once in a while, but  don’t follow “LONER-ism”(you know what I mean!)

So, its time you checked each one from the above list, one-by-one. Starting with number 9?! Since you feel its Lucky for you or so I think.
Also, I missed no.28 because I know you FAIL to notice THAT error and also so that I could round it up to 40!

Anyway, its High time you realize you are worth so much more than what You think !
You’re a free-falling STAR, MY LOVE! 
Make the most of it. BREAKFREE. 
Say you will!

Love you itna saara – (*arms wide open*)

- ME ! :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dear diary

Today I have come to talk to you, only because ;

I feel I’m losing EVERYTHING, when really, I’m losing nothing;
I feel I have no strength, when really, I haven’t been any stronger;
I feel I have no Inspiration, when really, I’m still so inspired;
I feel oh-so alone, when really, I’m among a huge crowd;
I feel so numb, when really, I couldn’t have any more emotions flowing ;
I feel disoriented, but really, I know exactly where I stand;
I feel so disturbed, when really, there’s nothing but silence around;
I feel so wrong, when really, I know I did nothing wrong;
I feel so worthless, when really, I couldn’t be more appreciated;
I feel I’ve given up, when really, I couldn’t be trying any harder;
I feel I’m so-NOT-loved, when really, one couldn’t have LOVED me more;
I feel I’m misunderstood, when really, I know YOU understand;
I feel I don’t care, BUT really, I couldn’t care more;
I feel like I’ve lost hopes, when really, I just couldn’t hope for more;
I feel my evil friends(loneliness and depression) are stalking me, when really, I see no one there;
I feel like giving IT my all, when really, I’m just so helpless, I CANNOT!

Do me a favor darling diary, if you can, get my petition signed by the superficial judiciary (the Creator) ,

Tell Him all I want Him to do is sign the petition that says:

Make me stronger,
Make me a happy and a peaceful soul,
Remove all the greed that I have in my heart (but all I am greedy for, is LOVE)
Make me smile and mean it EVERY TIME I smile,
Motivate me so irrevocably that I feel extremely capable of EVERYTHING,
PACK-UP all my expectations in a box, lock it, and again, pack That in A bigger box, put a big fat lock on that, and throw the Box in the deepest part of the sea,
And Don’t stop me, when I Love someone Unconditionally !

Yours sincerely (still smiling) , :)